Originating from Johannesburg, Helmut J is known mostly for his versatile flowing journeys into ambient, dubby, deep and driving progressive house and minimal/techno. Helmut is now based in Cape Town, where he has been drawing on his creative energy in the form of production.

Helmut was recently signed by Triplefire Music, with two very well received releases so far, and a further two releases produced at the Red Bull Studios Cape Town on their request.

During the week, Helmut J can be found crunching numbers. More detail regarding this is omitted for fear of inducing early onset narcolepsy.... Influences before his introduction to the world of 4/4 beats were bands such as Front 242, Haujobb, Kraftwerk, Joy Division, Murcof, Depeche Mode +++ Recent venues, gigs and playlistings include Substance at Chukkachurri, Triplefire Music (Sapphire, Camps Bay), Kinky Disco, The Art of Hot (Sapphire, Camps Bay), Johnny D. SA tour, Excuse the Mess Christian Burkhardt SA Tour, Earthdance Cape Town, RBMA Trevor Jackson gig hosted @ the Assembly, Origin Festival, Killer Robot @ Fiction, Organica, The Sideways Sessions and various other Johannesburg venues and residencies.

On the events side, Helmut J was the owner of the very chilled and very respected Sideways Sessions in Johannesburg. These daytime outdoor parties were always executed by the most devoted and talented underground dj's, and were never held with any expectation of filling pockets. Any proceeds were donated to various distressed animal organisations like the SPCA.
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