Lady M is based in Cape Town and has taken on a unique and intelligent electronic sound. She initially began playing deep house on vinyl, hosting residencies at various cocktail bars before making her mark on the nightclub circuit.

Today she has embraced the digital era and performs using Serato Scratch Live, using either cd players or turntables. Indulging and laying out groovy downtempo to deep house to tech house and deep thumping techno, her sound is bass driven, percussive and melodic. She enjoys experimenting within the darker realm but is versatile within her genres and has the innate ability to balance the feminine with the masculine in her sets. The result is a solid, inviting sound that offers an explosive journey for both body and mind.

With a need for challenge and to get to the source, she studied Advanced Music Production and is currently working hard in her home studio and is also a frequent at the Red Bull Studios. The result is a true Lady M sound that is an expression of purely her and her love for the electronica. She is also one of the very few female artists in the South Africa to be producing and soon to be releasing.

The past year has brought on many new ventures for Lady M, playing her sultry sounds in Cape Town and around the country, putting her up there with SA's music serious talents. She has recently returned from Europe after playing in Amsterdam and Berlin and is now looking forward to entering the summer festival season on home soil, focusing on production and continuing expressing joy through EDM.

Recent gigs and venues include; Pacha New Years parties, Design Indaba Afterparty, Butterbox and Melt parties, Make- Believe events, Hype Media events, Love Peace Techno parties, Equinox at Fiction, Cold Turkey, Redbull Studio NIghts, Chukkachurri (Greenpoint), Supperclub (Amsterdam), Conservatorium Hotel (Amsterdam), Cafe Rita (Berlin).
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