Having earned his stripes in the booming caverns of London's techno scene, One Track Mike is no stranger to the underground development of electronic music. Artisticly inclined and a mean hand with a brush, his leaning towards the creative arts has seen him both decorate and perform in some of his country's top nightclubs as well as those afar, in places such as Blumenau, Brazil and Mendoza, Argentina, amongst others. With his affinity for a gritty inner-city sound which echoes the times in which we live, his Make-Believe events have become legion amongst followers of dance music that places itself firmly left of centre.

With a dedication to mastering the art of dj'ing that is founded in a process of an ever-evolving sound, his repertoire has rolled with the times and has seen him embrace new directions in sound as and when they happen, keeping his sets fresh and his record box packed with cutting-edge tunes. With a sharp ear and perceptive knack for dropping the right track at the right time, he has cut his teeth on the dancefloors of the world, from London, Amsterdam, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Durban, Joburg and of course, Cape Town.

For One Track Mike following a particular crew in the UK was an obsession and he could be found supporting them in abandoned, derilect buildings weekend after weekend at illegal 'squat parties', which were quite hostile in nature. This gave birth to his desire to have his own soundsystem and bring the sound of the true underground to the middle-class and others. Involvement in the UK 'squat party' scene led him to become a DJ in 2000, kicking off in multi-level house parties in Brixton, London and seeing him bring the sound that so inspired him back to South Africa on his return to Cape Town.

Dedicated, determined and always looking toward the future, One Track Mike is an individual who has been instrumental in bringing a diverse range of sounds to the dancefloors of the South African electronic scene. As rewarding as dj'ing can be it takes a certain something else to persist as a promoter in the music industry. Providing a platform for a collective of fresh sound and maintaining a level of musical integrity in a conservative culture is what fuels this man and inspires him for bigger and better things.
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